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Innovative experiences

A new frontier

AI Powered Worlds

AI powered environments will evolve in real-time as players progress. NPC dialogue and quests are shaped by each player’s actions and game economy is monitored and balanced by AI.

Play to Earn Stablecoins

A unique economic system, called Opportunity to Earn, allows players to earn stable tokens backed by fiat. Play, earn, and cash out seamlessly while never having to worry about a price collapse.

Upgrading Web2 to Web3

Web3 as a benefit rather than a barrier. A seamless experience is created by leveraging the security and ownership capabilities of blockchain in the background and letting gamers game.

The First Game

Versus Metaverse

A revolutionary new Web3 gaming experience blending the best of Animal Crossing & Pokémon with strategic real-time PvE and PvP battles.

After 3 years of development it is coming to Steam, Epic, iOS and Android later this year.

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